A remodeled house in Nordic style

The remodeling of this house located in Cieza (Murcia, Spain) has been made taking as reference the Nordic style combined with modernist elements. An eclectic decoration that encourages the use of space and seeks above all the balance of the whole.

Nordic style house 1

From the Nordic style, its simple lines and the minimalism in the decoration to create open and open spaces, while introducing details of color in rustic style y modern , which helps to enhance the decorative nature, since the Nordic style is basically austere. The result of this combination can not be better, as we see: wooden furniture, spacious spaces, profusion of practical details, sober colors and a balance in the really magnificent composition.

Nordic style house 2

Nordic style house 3

Nordic style house 4

Nordic style house 5

As for the color palette, the contrast has been sought. The dark and ocher tones of the room stand out; the wood, white and black of the kitchen (a very broad kitchen full of light); the gray of the living room, and the whites and creams of the bedrooms. Elections all successful, as they highlight the brightness of the rooms and clarify the environments. Of course, it is clear that the remodeling of this house could not have been more successful: elegant, functional and simple, three solid foundations to create a proper and beautiful style.

Nordic style house 6

Nordic style house 7

Nordic style house 8

Nordic style house 9

Photos: homedit.com

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