A recurrent dilemma: beauty or pragmatism?

When we decorate our house, we are always assailed by the eternal doubt. opt for the most aesthetic solutions or for the most practical ? Aestheticism or pragmatism, that is the dilemma. It sounds very philosophical but that's the way it is. We all dream that our house looks like the ones we see in decoration magazines. But always a compromise between both ends of the question is imposed. How much to give of one part and another to get the right combination? That is the transcendental question that we will try to answer.

Beauty or pragmatism in decoration 1

Aesthetics is fundamental, when a decorative solution we do not like is definitive. It is not about carrying furniture and designs that do not tell us anything just because they are practical. We have to find a middle point, a compromise between the beautiful and the practical.

Beauty or pragmatism in decoration 2

There are parts in a decoration in which we can choose different solutions to cover the same need, the floor covering is a good example. It may be more beautiful to use wood to cover the floor but there are rooms where it will not be practical at all, the bathroom is the most extreme example. We must weigh the pros and cons very well when we have to choose one material or another.

Beauty or pragmatism in decoration 3

Also keep in mind that beauty is in the view of the observer, what one person thinks is beautiful to another may seem horrendous. Many factors also influence and the climatic factor is not the least, a ceramic or stone floor will not be the same in a warm place than in a cold one. The component of comfort is also a very important factor when making decorative decisions.

Beauty or pragmatism in decoration 4

Another example we have it in sofas and other furniture for rest, here it is important to find the point of intersection between pragmatism, in this case comfort, and aesthetic design. An uncomfortable sofa will be an ordeal that no aesthetic wonder will alleviate.

Beauty or pragmatism in decoration 6

In short, the ideal solution will always be exclusively unique, each one must find the exact point where the balance must be fixed between the two weights that represent aesthetics and pragmatism. No one can prevent us from making our own decision.

Photos: uuldesign

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