A really narrow Japanese house

The Japanese study of Japanese architecture Jo Nagasaka / Schemata Architects did wonders to create this detached house on the outskirts of the metropolis of Tokyo. The exterior of this house may look like a flat screen TV but the intention was to locate the house so that it would not be too close to the street in the small lot.

Small Japanese house 1

So what they decided to do was tilt the facade of the house 63 degrees, which allowed it to have a completely different perspective of the street at the expense of a small interior space.

Small Japanese house 2

With this inclination has been achieved that the view from inside the house is as isolated as possible from the street, while giving greater privacy for the inhabitants. Although for the Westerners it is shocking the narrowness of the housing is not so much for the inhabitants of Tokyo that is where this house is located.

Small Japanese house 3

Small Japanese house 4

The construction is entirely made of concrete, both inside and outside. The design is 100% minimalist, there are no concessions in this regard. The straight lines and angles are the basis of the interior design of the house.

Small Japanese house 5

Small Japanese house 6

In the three levels of the house connected by a staircase reduced to the minimum expression, the different pieces of the house are distributed openly.

Small Japanese house 7

Small Japanese house 8

Given the narrowness of the building, the large windows and the situation is achieved that the house is bathed in natural light outside throughout the day.

Small Japanese house 9

Small Japanese house 10

A real curiosity is made by these Japanese architects in this house. We can not imagine how life will be in such a space, a priori it would be a challenge for a Westerner to be able to live in such a small space.

Photos: home-designing.com

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