A playground for children

Who has not had as a child an exclusive room to play and have their toys? Many have grown up with this memory and know how important it is for children to have their own place of games in the home, that area where they give their imagination rein and learn to organize themselves from a fun and playful point of view.

Playrooms for children 01

From this point of view, also the interior design of homes has understood how decisive it is to have a small area of ​​children's games, so it is not strange to see the amount of imaginative proposals that have been created. Elastic beds and swings incorporated in fun structures, pools of rubber balls, seesaws and endless possibilities for the enjoyment of the youngest of the home.

Playrooms for children 02

Playrooms for children 03

Playrooms for children 04

Children will appreciate this personal space for them. Many of these designs are made to create a fantasy world in your own room, along with your favorite animation characters. Creations as amazing as castles of princesses, pirate ships, a small zoo full of endearing animals ... Who would not want to be a child again seeing these story rooms?

Playrooms for children 05

Playrooms for children 06

Playrooms for children 07

Photos: interiorismos.com; grahadesign.com; minimeplayroom.com

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