A personal touch to your staircase

The staircase is always one of the places we always forget when decorating. We focus on dining rooms, kitchens, livings, rooms and others, but the staircase is the protagonist that we never remember.
Because it is so, the staircase can also be the protagonist of our decoration. It just depends on us.

A personal touch to your stair 1

In many cases, part of the wood used in the home is white, in particular the staircase. It is not necessary that we are always changing the carpet. Rediscover your ladder, fall in love with it.
A staircase in white wood is ideal to give that personal touch that we always talk about when decorating.
And if there is a combination that always looks good, it is the range of blues with whites. In previous post we show you a beautiful corner of the home decorated with tableware in the blue range to highlight that wall and those white furniture. Today we bring you an easy and original idea to make the staircase in the center of attention of your home.
It is easy and simple. You only have to make a stamp in the form of leaves and go designing small vines at the foot of each step.
With blue latex paint and a cloth to remove excess paint you can do it in a few minutes and the result will be unique. You will surprise everyone and make the stairs the deserved protagonist of your house.

A personal touch to your staircase 2

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