A perfect gaming house

Irma is a naughty and playful little girl who has the perfect space to play: her own play house. In the backyard of the house, her parents have given her a refuge for her, to have fun, to play, to grow up and with a lot of style. You can invite your friends to tea. But while she decides to do it, she does not stop adding new decorative details to your space.

A Perfect Game House

His favorite toys and characters, charming and handmade details, custom furniture made by his family ... Irma has it all and we can take some ideas from their home games to put our little ones their own spaces to play, do not you think? ? Let's go through it ...
Wherever you look, this little house has ideas and details that we can replicate when we plan the new one play space of our little ones We can make him our next gift for Christmas.
The wooden house, inside, has been completely painted in white and the floor has been placed combined black and white tiles, but some carpets have also been added to the decor .
Irma has in its small refegio, space for storage and storage everywhere. Toys, colors, books, notebooks, costumes, dolls ... everything has its place to store it and the shelves on the walls have been the great allies for it.
It has a place prepared to read, draw and perform all kinds of crafts. A place to sit and read, play or sleep, the cradle of your dolls, a small electric kitchen where you can prepare a tea or calm the sweetness that your mother prepares for you.
Cushions of different sizes, colors and designs are combined with curtains and carpets. Some of his favorite drawings have been framed and placed on the walls, as well as some of his favorite costumes complete the decoration.
Do not you think that Irma's playhouse is sweet?

A perfect gaming house

A perfect game house - Photo nº 2

A perfect playhouse 1

A perfect playhouse - Photo nº 3

A perfect playhouse 2

A perfect playhouse - Photo nº 4

A perfect playhouse 3

A perfect playhouse - Photo nº 5

A perfect playhouse 4

A perfect playhouse - Photo nº 6

A perfect playhouse 5

A perfect playhouse - Photo nº 7

A perfect playhouse 6

A perfect playhouse - Photo nº 8

A perfect playhouse 7

A perfect playhouse - Photo nº 9

A perfect playhouse 8

A perfect playhouse - Photo nº 10

A perfect playhouse 9

A perfect playhouse - Photo nº 11

A perfect playhouse 10

A perfect playhouse - Photo nº 12

Photos: Dosfamily

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