A peculiar work table

The Homework table is the work of the Slovak designer Tomas Kral and its appearance is as little shocking. This table has been designed as a work table and of course it has the appearance of being an ideal work table. It is wide, 150 cm x 80 cm, which can perfectly accommodate a computer and two monitors with ease.

Homework a special design table 1

Made with wood and metal conveys the feeling of being a practical table to work. Its strength is bombproof, with that board consisting of a sandwich of wood and aluminum has to support what you throw.

Homework a special design table 2

A modern table adapted to the new needs of the users, has a channel in one of the rear legs through which the electricity cable passes. Solution more and more present in the work tables, although the truth is that it has cost a lot for designers to worry about the cables, since nowadays every desk or work table will be irremediably populated with electronic devices.

Homework a special design table 3

The most characteristic and that gives a plus of exclusivity to this table is the curious metallic "gutter" that surrounds it everywhere except for one, as if it were a peninsula. In this addition you can place books, various objects, hang the jacket, place a roll of paper or cloth, the truth is that it can be used for many things.

Homework a special design table 4

I do not think that this table leaves anyone impassive, or likes or does not like at all. The risky design of this table puts it at the uncertain limit of glory or failure. We will see over time where the faithful of the balance decides.

Photos: uuldesign.com

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