A Nordic style apartment in Sweden

This apartment located in the center of Gothenburg, the second most important city in Sweden, is a perfect expression of the Nordic style. A completely white apartment as the style requires and that contributes to the environment being extremely bright.

A unique decoration 1

In the kitchen the white extends to the table and chairs of the dining area installed in its center. The copper-colored spotlights bring brightness and contrast to the white base of the piece.

A unique decoration 2

A unique decoration 3

Eames chairs and other designs from the 20th century classics decorate the apartment. The small decorative accessories are responsible for bringing color and attractiveness to the different rooms of the apartment.

A unique decoration 4

A unique decoration 5

The hall and the studio have been decorated with wallpaper. A wallpaper of classic motifs but in neutral colors, white and gray so it does not look strident. The whole is very pleasant and above all livable.

A unique decoration 6

A unique decoration 7

A unique decoration 8

A unique decoration 9

The apartment has an open design but with separate environments. So the kitchen has a large window that allows contact with friends or family who are in the living room while working on it.

A unique decoration 10

A unique decoration 11

A unique decoration 12

A unique decoration 13

The layout and style allow the apartment to appear larger than it actually is. The actions that increase the luminosity and that look away have this effect as we can clearly see in this example.

A unique decoration 14

A unique decoration 15

A unique decoration 16

The bedroom is spacious, has a walk-in closet, and has been customized with wallpaper. A good example of Nordic style with its white wooden floors, white panels and white as the star color that decorates the whole apartment.

Photos: visuell.ro

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