A new and different hotel in Amsterdam

Inaugurated this year Volkshotel Amsterdam represents a different conception of urban hotel. The building was the old seat of a newspaper of the Dutch capital and has been adapted for this new use. It has 172 rooms that can satisfy multiple needs, from small and affordable rooms for couples to rooms adapted for the disabled through real suites and family rooms.

Design of a hotel in Amsterdam 1

As they say on their website Volkshotel It is open to everyone: single mothers, brokers, punks, dandies and poets. The modern style with an informal air predominates in the remodeling of the building. The roofs to the air, as they take now, allows to see the structure of the building and gives him a very interesting industrial air.

Design of a hotel in Amsterdam 2

The eclectic decoration uses different materials and themes to create a casual, modern, young and with an alternative air.

Design of a hotel in Amsterdam 3

The rooms are one of their tricks, different sizes and decorations that cover all needs with style. The windows of the building allow a good natural lighting and the high and bare ceilings contrast with the new and reformed parts.

Design of a hotel in Amsterdam 4

This informal atmosphere can also be appreciated in the common areas such as the cafeteria and the roof terrace. In the cafeteria we see some eye-catching complements like these lamps whose screens are made with soda cans. The concrete structure of the building has been complemented by wood and iron decorations that combine perfectly.

Design of a hotel in Amsterdam 5

A common space has been created on the roof of the hotel, which has two large wooden jacuzzis and a wooden sauna. A space to relax while enjoying the magnificent views of the city that offers this peculiar space.

Design of a hotel in Amsterdam 6

A different hotel aimed at young people and people who want to enjoy accommodation that comes from the typical hospitality offer.

Photos: lamaisondannag.blogspot.com

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