A natural wooden house in New Zealand

Fusing architecture and nature, and doing it in a sustainable way and respecting the environment, is a concept that is currently applied by numerous architecture studios. So it is in the case of this natural wood house located in Pohutukawa, New Zealand, and designed by Herbst Architects .

Natural wooden cabin 1

From the outside we can see how the house stands in the middle of a beautiful place full of native trees known as pohutukawa, thanks to which you can enjoy more privacy.

Natural wooden cabin 2

The house, as we see, is a wide space of various heights and glass walls. There is a roof made of wooden beams, a terrace, a very spacious lounge and a sense of decoration completely surrendered to nature.

Natural wood cabin 3

The interior is dedicated to the voluminous spaces, the height of the roofs and the naturalism of its load-bearing walls and other elements. The idea is that from any corner of the house you can enjoy the natural light and have the feeling, too, of being inside a house on the tree. A pretty big house, yes.

Natural wood cabin 4

Natural wood cabin 5

Its spaces are designed for the enjoyment of a rustic-retro style, simple and very fresh. There are also more contemporary decorative elements, giving a more eclectic final style, perhaps a bit extravagant, but striking. The tones of the furniture and other accessories are close to earth tones, a choice that manages to fuse the interior and exterior of the house with great harmony.

Natural wood cabin 6

In short, a house that draws attention for its bold use of space, connecting in an incredible way the interior spaces with the natural environment that surrounds it, and giving priority to heights.

Natural wooden cabin 7

Photos: herbstarchitects.co.nz

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