A multipurpose space

Of course the ideal would be to have a room for each task but that is difficult to have in the modern apartments. Space in cities is expensive, very expensive, so you have to squeeze your imagination and take advantage of a room in the house as a multipurpose space. The proposal that we present is an example of good use of space, a room enabled as an office-zone of crafts-guest room. With the right furniture it is possible to have all this in a single room of the house or to reserve a small area of ​​the house as office and work area.

Decoration for a multipurpose space1

The star of the multipurpose room is this magnificent wardrobe, the CraftBox is a wardrobe with multiple storage spaces and a folding work table, it is marketed in the USA. so it will be difficult to get it if you do not live there. But you can build something similar from a simple wardrobe.

Decoration for a multipurpose space2

The rest of the room is furnished with simple Ikea furniture, easy to get, a bedside table can be used to store the fabrics we use for our crafts.

Decoration for a multipurpose space3

A bookshelf with boxes will be a good place to keep all kinds of things. Tools, projects and other utensils that we usually use in our work.

Decoration for a multipurpose space4

Small decorative complements will give the personal touch to our multipurpose space. Depending on the predominant use we can put the accent on one side or another of the uses to which the stay will be destined.

Decoration for a multipurpose room5

Currently the printer or multifunction can go anywhere because almost all models have wireless connections and do not need to be connected to the computer. This allows us to place them in any corner and not necessarily next to the computer. Adding a single bed in a part of the room we will also have a guest room in case we receive the visit of a relative or friend who should stay to sleep.

Photos: apartmenttherapy.com

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