A multifunction staircase

Have you ever thought that the stairs Could your house contain a secret hiding place? Taking advantage of that small space created by the staircase itself, we can locate a special multifunction zone : we can put a closet, put a small office, make a space for television ... We present some very interesting options to take advantage of that space of the house to the fullest. What's under your staircase ...?

The stairs can be multifunction01

Opening a small extra storage space, we can incorporate a most original and useful wardrobe under the staircase. There we can store the outerwear, umbrellas, hats, footwear ... everything we wear before leaving home. But you can also use this solution to store clothes that do not always fit in the closets. The idea can not be better, right?

The stairs can be multifunction03

The stairs can be multifunction04

Another possibility is to have a cabinet for the kitchen utensils: spices, jars, non-perishable food ... as if it were a cupboard of the lifelong.

The stairs can be multifunction02

Create a study area. Do you need an office or study area and do not have a space? Well now you'll have it, and it's easy to do it. You only need some tables to put a table and shelves, if you need them, to store your documents or books. See what is collected and how useful it is.

The stairs can be multifunction05

The stairs can be multifunction06

But there are many more ideas still. Put a closet with drawers to store your pet's things, an ornamental showcase ... and even this may be the ideal space for the fireplace. And with a perfect finish.

The stairs can be multifunction07

The stairs can be multifunction08

The stairs can be multifunction09

It's even a good place to build a small bathroom! It is about seeing what possibilities this place has and adapting it to the needs of each one, taking advantage of the architecture of our home in an incredible and very imaginative way.

The stairs can be multifunction010

Photos: casa-web.com

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