A more luminous house with turquoise color

Among the wide range of blues that we can find, today we highlight in our color palette the Turquoise , one of those attractive and luminous tones like few others. Within this turquoise blue there are different intensities, depending on the mix we have made, but this will give us a flexibility when it comes to finding the most suitable tone for our home.

Decorate with turquoise blue 1

The turquoise range usually moves between a more pastel tone and another more electric and dark , both with that special magic, because they are still that blue that it transmits a great well-being and that turns the rooms into places with a warmness very particular, as we see in our first two salon proposals. You have to take into account, also, the rest of the colors used for the same stay. In the first option, fuchsia pink works as a perfect complement, while for the latter, a lighter turquoise with white, beige and green has been preferred. In both cases, the result is excellent.

Decorate with turquoise blue 2

The turquoise of this kitchen, in its most pastel range, is great. We are facing a large kitchen, with a special clarity and a classic Victorian design, complete with a granite countertop. A beautiful option for our home.

Decorate with turquoise blue 3

In this other kitchen, the turquoise puts the note of color on a furniture with retro design. Very wide surface and perfect combination of colors.

Decorate with turquoise blue 4

And what to say about this bedroom! Elegance maximum, beauty, luminosityâ € | The turquoise color here becomes very inspiring and shines with its own light.

Decorate with turquoise blue 5

As it also shines in the proposal with which we closed, that of this bedroom with naïff decoration and simple lines, full of classicism and beauty. The small orange brushstrokes enrich the environment to the fullest. The grayish brown works effectively as a contrast of shades, creating a bedroom with classic elements but at the same time fun.

Decorate with turquoise blue 6

Photos: homeizy.com

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