A modern library in London

This library in Clapham, London, has been designed by the London architects of Studio Egret West as if it were a long row of spirally arranged books. The new Clapham library building is also composed of a medical center and twelve floors of homes built with a high level of quality.

Modern London library 1

The Library building is simply an amazing continuation of the main street. The plant is oval with a continuous ramp lined with 20,000 books snaking around the 10-meter-high central atrium. The ramp that leads up from the entrance leads to several meeting areas and reading rooms on the perimeter of the oval.

Modern London library 2

Modern London library 3

In its center and at the bottom of the spiral forms the children's library. The space also functions as a community center and venue for events, concerts, parties and any number of other activities.

Modern London library 4

Modern London library 5

Modern London Library 6

Modern London library 7

In the upper part there is a cafeteria where parents can watch the children in the children's library at the foot of the central staircase. This area of ​​London, famous for its nightlife, tries to get a boost to make it closer to the family life of young people who have settled in Clapham.

Modern London Library 8

Modern London Library 9

Modern London Library 10

This multipurpose project is part of the policy to finance public and community spaces, developed by the city of London in recent years, placing them in the basement of residential buildings built by public promotion. At the same time it is intended to contain the high price of housing in Clapham with the exit to the real estate market of the apartments of the building.

Photos: talesofadesignlife.com

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