A modern, casual hotel in Zurich

Located in a modern developing neighborhood of the city of Zurich, this modern hotel is the work of Alfredo Häberli as a decorator, Aeberli Vega Zanghi Architects they have taken care of the architectural design and Stefanie Häberli-Bachmann has developed all the aspect related to visual communication.

Hotel with modern decoration 1

The interior design of the hotel is anything but boring. A explosion of color and avant-garde designs and daring create an original space, peculiar and that certainly does not leave anyone impassive.

Hotel with modern decoration 2

Full of artistic touches, textures and patterns, there is always something to see and that encourages you to change perspective so you always find something that makes your eyes happy. Each space is full of rich color details that are like goodies for the eyes.

Hotel with modern decoration 3

Hotel with modern decoration 4

In the lobby of the hotel We found a bar-cafe where we can enjoy a drink as we savor a delicious meal. Here we must highlight the work done with the textures almost as important but more than the work done with the colors.

Hotel with modern decoration 5

There are three categories of rooms in this Swiss hotel, named after three precious metals, silver, gold and platinum. It should be noted that we are in a state recognized by its financial sector. Each category has its own colors and patterns.

Hotel with modern decoration 6

The key to know what category we are in is in the bathrooms. Decorated with small round tiles have inlays of each of the metals that characterize the three categories.

Hotel with modern decoration 7

A playful, fresh and elegant decoration, something really difficult to combine but that has been solved perfectly.

Hotel with modern decoration 8

In the highest part of the hotel We found a small refuge in the form of a spa with a healthy central position. A place to relax and escape from the problems and jobs that have brought the traveler to the hotel.

Hotel with modern decoration 9

The appearance of the hotel, sober and modern does not predispose at all to the explosion of color and genius of its interior decoration. It is not a bad combination, exterior sobriety and colorful interior fun.

Photos: design-milk.com

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