A modern and sustainable housing

The case of this house is the best example of fusion between sustainable housing and modern habitat. It is built mainly with natural elements such as stone and wood. All its surface, of 250 square meters, is open to the outside, giving any point of the house excellent views.

A sustainable and modern house-01

This beautiful house has been designed by the architectural studio of the Brazilian Fernanda Marques, who has been responsible for each of the rooms detach a natural atmosphere. Its glass ceilings and giant windows are the best way to get radiant interiors and beautiful views of a lush garden. A project that obtains natural light from its main source of energy, making energy savings substantial.

A sustainable and modern house-02

A sustainable and modern house-03

Wood has been a priority element in the construction of this spectacular house: on the one hand, the ceilings of some areas are covered with wood and, on the other, ninety percent of the furniture is made of this material. They also highlight its stone walls, which shelter the interior of the house from humidity or low temperatures, and create a climate as peaceful and beautiful as the photographs show.

A sustainable and modern house-04

A sustainable and modern house-05

Inside, light surfaces and high quality dark wood finishes stand out. In general, we have tried to create spaces of maximum naturalness, resorting to light colors and a lifestyle full of comfortable objects. To finish, the chosen decorative pieces are exquisite and provide a point of modernity necessary for any contemporary home. The house is surrounded by tropical nature, whose presence embellishes and nourishes the environment even more, a very special enclave on the outskirts of the city.

A sustainable and modern house-06

A sustainable and modern house-07

Photos: decordir.com

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