A modern and spectacular Japanese house

It is truly incredible that lately the owners of modern and luxurious homes are more concerned with the views offered by their house than by the interiors and the decor Of the same. That definitely seems to be the growing trend when designers and architects are asked to create structures that specifically take the environment into account.

Japanese house 1

The owners of this contemporary japanese house In fact they have waited several years to obtain this plot that offers impressive views of Mount Asama.

Japanese house 2

The beautiful sea of ​​trees, the surprising and refreshing green carpet, and the majestic mountain not only form a dreamlike backdrop but also offer great ever changing views that are the most vibrant part of this stylish home. The structure of the house itself is a raised and cantilever cube that sits on pillars.

Japanese house 3

This house has been designed by the architects of Kidosaki Studio . Not only is the exterior is overturned over the forest and the views from the front, also the interior is designed according to the views of the landscape.

Japanese house 4

It is a rectangular structure that starts on the side of the mountain, where only one third of the structure rests. The other two thirds rest on concrete pillars anchored in the slope of the mountain. Wood and glass make up the exterior of the house.

Japanese house 5

Large and wide terraces border the house. All following the requests of the owners. It's the most important thing in the house, those breathtaking views.

Japanese house 6

Japanese house 7

The views of Mount Asama are a fundamental part of the decoration of the living room. All eyes are directed to the large windows that occupy the entire wall of the ceiling to the floor.

Japanese house 8

Another view of the living room, the view from here is poured over a green sea that covers the horizon. Modern furniture in dark colors, as well as the wooden floor. They seem to ask for discretion in front of the intense and immense green that comes from outside.

Japanese house 9

Japanese house 10

The bathroom and the kitchen also have their view to the outside, so that at no time the owners of the house can lose contact with those breathtaking views that surround them.

Photos: decoist.com

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