A modern and original children's room

The classic children's rooms decorated in blue if the baby is a child or in pink if it is a girl are still very common. But there are other ways to prepare the decor of a children's room fleeing from the hackneyed themes. This we bring you today is a decidedly current option and applicable to any room regardless of the sex of the baby.

Modern children's room 1

In this Children's room it has been chosen to use neutral tones as a base and a wall decorated in black and white with a geometric design in the shape of large spikes. It is a solution that avoids the clichés of blue and pink. The cradle is one of the centers of attention, as it should be, one of modern white lines has been chosen. A beautiful dresser in salmon color with a romantic and classic air that gives serenity to the environment.

Modern children's room 2

The other important point in a Children's room , a comfortable place to sit and coo the baby while he sleeps or the mother gives him to suck or the father the bottle. An armchair with ottoman has been chosen for this, modern but comfortable and warm. The micro-cement floor has been covered with a rug of tanned leather to give warmth and style.

Modern children's room 3

A shelf furniture to organize stuffed animals and other objects that will accumulate. The panton chair in children's size, a touch of sophistication.

Modern children's room 4

A cabinet with drawers is essential in all Children's room , at the beginning to store diapers and the baby's small clothes and then as the host grows, the thousand and one changes that have to be prepared. This comfortable with its ring pulls is a charm.

Modern children's room 5

These mobile originals made of tissue paper and metalized paper are very decorative at the same time that they will attract a lot of attention from the baby. Sound and movement obtained in a simple and original way.

Modern children's room 6

Classic wooden toys, like these cubes and engravings of animal puppies complement the decoration of this luminous and original Children's room away from the canons and topics.

Photos: charlotteminty.blogspot.com

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