A modern and diaphanous loft in London

Thanks to the large number of historic buildings in London that are being rehabilitated, you can find magnificent apartments like the one in question. The decoration of this modern and diaphanous loft is the work of the designer and interior decorator Marc Peridis . Working on the basis of the old Saint Martin School of Art, located on Charing Cross Road in the heart of London's Soho, it has created interesting and diaphanous homes taking advantage of the characteristic architectural structure of the building.


First of all, the different levels in which the space is structured and the large windows that once provided natural light to art students stand out.


The great interior height allows to create an interesting loft with enough privacy. So the bedroom is in the loft built on the area of ​​common use. Taking advantage of part of this loft has built a large library with built-in wooden staircase.


The lower part gathers the different spaces in an orderly and well-defined manner. The kitchen, dining room and living room use the same physical space but each area is well marked by the use of color and the occasional addition as the small walls that separate the dining room from the kitchen, the latter in a lower level.


We have three different heights in the same space, the lowest is occupied by the kitchen, the next where are the dining area and the living room and finally the attic where we find the bedroom.



The white plays an important role in the decoration of this loft, it is a magnificent background on which the exquisite pieces used to decorate it stand out.


And as a complement to that dazzling white, various areas of the loft have been painted in bright pastel tones that help create a more sophisticated, friendly and pleasant environment thanks to the magnificent natural lighting that the apartment has.


In the different areas of the loft we can find different pastel colors. In the bedroom the headboard wall is painted in a relaxing green that helps the rest.


The bathroom stands out for its whiteness and the simplicity of lines. Helping to create that clean look that we all expect from this piece of the house.

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