A miniloft with a lot of charm

Less is more: a great description for this loft of only 58 square meters. The different rooms have been distributed in two heights. On the ground floor, the living room, kitchen and bathroom; Upstairs, the bedroom. A discrete spiral staircase metal joins both plants occupying a minimum of space in the main room.

A miniloft with a lot of charm

At a single glance the whole house can be seen: spacious, apparently very spacious and modern with a decor what really looks
The furniture chosen is simple lines and very functional, with the clear intention of not overloading, making the most of the space. The loft has a large window of two heights that illuminates the entire home with natural light.

A miniloft with a lot of charm 1

The kitchen is partly separated from the living room after stairs . With a front of approximately two meters long, it contains everything necessary to perform its functions, as well as the bedroom and the toilet.

A miniloft with a lot of charm 2

A miniloft with a lot of charm 3

A miniloft with a lot of charm 4

The house is decorated all with the same color combination (orange, gray and white) and the same style. To give greater scope to the set, the walls have been left practically bare, only a couple of paintings have been placed. The final effect: a functional loft impeccable and spacious.

Photos: yossawat.com

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