A microloft in Manhattan completely renovated

Creating a loft even in Manhattan with 39.5 square meters is not an easy task even if it is undertaken by a prestigious architect, Specht Harpman, an architectural firm based in New York and Austin, Texas, he has achieved with the reform he has done in this apartment located in the attic of a six-story block located in Manhattan, New York.

Microloft in Manhattan 3

A small cubicle that the responsible architects have managed to turn into a Living space, bright, young and modern .

Microloft in Manhattan 1

Microloft in Manhattan 2

The pair of images that can see above correspond to the state of the apartment before the reform made by Specht Harpman Architechts. They speak for themselves.

Microloft in Manhattan 4

In the upper infographic you can see the microloft space In full, the great asset with which the architects have played is the height of the apartment, almost seven and a half meters high that has allowed them to make a distribution by heights of the different vital areas of the house.

Microloft in Manhattan 5

The bathroom located in the lower part of the house takes advantage of the stairwell to occupy the minimum possible space within the distribution of the house.

Microloft in Manhattan 6

All the areas of the house are charming, always fulfilling two missions, zone of passage and the own of each place. This height distribution is ideal to take advantage of up to the last meter.

Microloft in Manhattan 7

In the whole house there are three stretches of stairs that have been taken advantage of following the philosophy of microloft as storage areas .

Microloft in Manhattan 8

The situation of the bedroom is curious, not to say peculiar, after the first flight of stairs immediately after entering the house we find the bed. How can you tell that we are in Manhattan and this house will be for a single person who will surely go directly to bed more than once he arrives home!

Photos: design-milk.com

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