A micro apartment in Paris

Living in an apartment whose surface area is only 12 square meters can be a nightmare or the dream come true of a teenager who yearns to live in his room. In these times these microviviendas are increasingly common, certainly not normal, but increasingly frequent, especially in large metropolises such as Paris.

Modern apartment 2

Such a small home requires a huge effort of planning and design, because let's be honest, to fit in so little space all that a person needs to live is very complicated.

Modern apartment 3

But in this Parisian apartment it seems that the architects Marc Baillargeon and Julie Nabucet have managed to fit all the elements of the puzzle so that the inhabitant can live comfortably. The bed can be hidden, totally or partially, in the hollow created by the elevation of the floor in the space dedicated to the kitchen and the bathroom.

Modern micro apartment 4

If only the bed is partially hidden there is a sofa and the coffee table can be placed under the desk with cabinets hanging on the wall.

Modern micro apartment 5

When the bed is completely hidden there is a clear space to allow the ambulation or the realization of some activity that requires more free space.

Modern micro apartment 1

The whole apartment is like a box of surprises, like one of those nineteenth-century desks full of hidden drawers, almost everything in this apartment has more than one function and the second is almost always storage. It is logical that the big problem has been to find or create enough spaces to store the objects so that living in such a small space does not become an ordeal.

Modern micro apartment 6

Up to the two steps that connect the two levels of the house are storage spaces inside. With intelligence and an agile and awake mind can solve almost all problems.

Photos: homedit.com

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