A magnificent apartment in the Goya district of Madrid

If you are thinking about moving to Madrid or changing your apartment and do not know which district to choose or what type of home to choose, there is a apartment for sale in Madrid perfect for anyone. In the heart of Goya, specifically in the Salamanca district, you can find a renovated apartment with a unique design and decoration.

A magnificent apartment in the Goya district of Madrid

It is an apartment that has three bedrooms and has, in total, 137 square meters completely renovated. Among many houses for sale in Madrid , this stands out for many reasons: first, the design that makes up the apartment that is both inside and outside, as it is on the first floor of a stately building with an architectural design typical of Madrid of the time. In terms of location, it is located just behind the Salvador Dalí square and very close to all services such as cinemas, theaters and shopping center, as well as being close to the Principe de Vergara metro.

A magnificent apartment in the Goya neighborhood of Madrid 1

The apartment, in addition to having three bedrooms, has two bathrooms and a dressing room. Entering the house, if we continue straight, we find a living room, which allows access to a small terrace-balcony overlooking an interior courtyard and from which a lot of natural light that draws the living room. The combination of this luminosity with the white of the furniture that equips the property, gives rise to an apartment full of life. In addition, the living room is open to a modern kitchen with island. In short, it is an ideal property for families.

A magnificent apartment in the Goya neighborhood of Madrid 2

The design that makes up the house is unique and the style that it carries does not allow extra expenses in decoration and furniture. It is a style that does not disappoint and everyone who visits the property likes it, since it mixes a slightly rustic and old design, so as not to forget that the building belongs to the traditional Madrid, with a modern and modern touch.

A magnificent apartment in the Goya neighborhood of Madrid 3

The rustic and old is provided by the wooden floor reminiscent of the houses of the time and combines perfectly with the table, also wood, and chairs. On the other hand, the modern style is provided by the walls and doors, as well as the furniture of the kitchen and some object of decoration of the dining room. The white color offers a lot of life and brightness to the apartment and the change of color on one side of the walls, where the television is, is a design and current style, very demanded in Spanish homes.

Like this, the District of Goya It offers numerous apartments that, more or less small, are fully equipped and full of style. The location of the area together with the decoration, which dazzles anyone, make these apartments an ideal place to live, whether as a family, alone or with a partner.

Real estate companies like Lucas Fox offer a wide variety of houses in Madrid and many other cities in Spain, from traditional flats in the best areas of the capital to housing in residential areas such as La Moraleja. So, if you are thinking of renting or buying a high-end property, go to this real estate is the key.

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