A luxury kitchen in Victorian style

To imitate a style of design previous to our present time may seem like a whim or an eccentricity, but it can also be the result of a search for new forms of expression and interior design. It is the case of this kitchen of luxury that recreates the interior of the kitchens of the great English Victorian houses. We are facing an adaptation of a style that marked an essential time to understand many things now.

Victorian style kitchens-01

The first thing that strikes us is the great symmetry and arrangement of the furniture that make up this space. Everything is balanced and ordered by rectangular blocks, perfectly equipped with everything necessary to cook with tranquility and perform other tasks. Both the materials used and the appearance recall that time, but with a modern finish, in blue and white with wooden countertops.

Victorian style kitchens-03

In the middle of the kitchen there is a small piece of furniture like an island that is used as a table and at the same time as a small cellar to expose the wine bottles. Another section to highlight are the wooden shelves that leave on display glass jars for rice, oil, sugar and other essential products. Porcelain also has its reserved place, as was usual in most English houses. The final set has a light rustic wrap that makes this kitchen a magical place.

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Photos: TopLuxuryInteriorDesign.com

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