A lovely room for baby

With a unisex decoration, this beautiful children's room has all the elements to be the best refuge for a baby. The main design, based on the white color and with geometric nuances , is aimed at creating a space full of relaxation and comfort that favors the child's rest.

Baby room 1

The cradle is located in the middle of two windows, through which a natural lighting is cast. It is a room of medium size, charming, in which there is nothing missing, as we are going to discover.

Baby room 2

This small corner with sofa is perfect for breastfeeding or playing with the little one, while enjoying all the air and light coming through the window. The curtains, the drawings of the cushions ... geometric designs in navy blue that create a beautiful combination with the intensity and light of the white color.

Baby room 3

In addition to a series of shelves, the other main space for storage is this comfortable where you can store baby clothes easily, it is spacious. In general, the decoration tends toward minimalism , and the use of neutral colors achieves a visually very comfortable scenario.

Baby room 4

Other charming details are the drawings on the wall and this tender image of the baby that manages to give the most personal touch, joining the general self-assurance that the room transmits.

Baby room 5

In short, in the use of decoration there is a careful attention to detail, to create a very special atmosphere for the small host of this bedroom.

Baby room 6

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