A lovely laundry

Laundries , those spaces that we often forget that are also worth ordering and decorating. Transform them into spaces where we do not like to be in spaces where we can take refuge and spend a good time doing the things that we like the most. And in this house, the owner discovered how to do it.

Lovely Laundry

He transformed his space for laundry in a corner, where you can also sew, make your crafts and attend to your plants.
Everything perfectly organized, taking advantage of small spaces available The washing machine and the dryer are one on top of the other to take advantage of the space. It has place to hang clothes, to sew, to iron, to do manual works, has space to store their materials and even where to show off their creations.
He achieved a space lit with natural light, in a light green color that transmits tranquility and peace and creates an environment suitable for work. It is a corner in which to take some time alone that we need so much even more when we have our children at home. Every woman needs to have a place in which to take refuge and rest ... or not ???

Lovely laundry

Lovely laundry - Photo 2

Lovely laundry 1

Lovely laundry - Photo 3

Lovely laundry 2

Lovely laundry - Photo 4

Lovely laundry 3

Lovely laundry - Photo 5

Lovely laundry 4

Lovely laundry - Photo 6

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