A living room in natural style

To get a living room decorated with a natural style , you can choose different uses, from furniture in classic and flexible materials (wood, fabrics, bamboo) to decorative elements that help to highlight the simplicity of the environment, such as indoor plants, always infallible.

Livings in natural style 2

The placement of carpets and mats under rustic wooden tables is a practical resource that will give the room a more spartan appearance. Cloth lamps, crochet cushions and other so austere fabrics are a good option to emphasize in this natural and fresh touch. As for the chosen colors, the range of gray, white, beige and sepia or earth tones are the best suited to make the room shine look so natural.

Livings in natural style 1

Livings in natural style 3

Wooden seats, canapés, low tables and austere decoration enhance the appearance of sobriety and simplicity that will make our room win with a few brush strokes. Focused on achieving a comfortable and basic environment, the room will be a stay with details typical of a style that opts for a return to the origins.

Livings in natural style 5

The lighting should be oriented to the space gain dimensions, without the need to be a very large room: natural lighting is achieved by opening the windows, bringing light to the spaces and focusing on those corners that need it most. For this we can bet on furnishing in basic white, so that the light is projected onto the objects. The wood also stands out for its beauty before sources of natural light. And if you want to add other inspirational details, decorate the surfaces with glass jars, herbs and flowers. You will have a natural style one hundred percent.

Livings in natural style 4

Photos: myslowdesign.com ; crowincrowndotcom ; style-files.com

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