A little trick to decorate windows with lace

Sometimes it is not possible to install curtains in a window, for whatever reason, and if it is a bedroom window it becomes a problem. This idea will come to you if you find yourself in a similar situation since you can preserve your privacy in an easy and also reversible way.

DIY idea for windows 1

Suppose for example that you live in a rental house and you can not make changes. With this simple and ingenious idea you can have all the light you need in the room but without being like someone who says exposure all day.


  • cornmeal
  • Water
  • Brush
  • lace cloth
  • cutter
  • paper

DIY idea for windows 2

This solution can be suitable for any type of window you only have to adapt it to the characteristics of the window in question. If it is of small crystals like the one of the example it will be necessary to cut pieces of cloth to measure and if the crystal is great then it will be necessary to cut the lace fabric to its measure. Well, we dissolve two tablespoons of corn flour in two tablespoons of cold water and then add a cup of hot water. We will have ready the paste with which we will dab the glass with a brush.

DIY idea for windows 3

With any paper we will make a template with the measure that we need and with this template we will cut the lace fabric.

DIY idea for windows 4

We will put the fabric on the glued glass and add a new layer of paste on top of the fabric.

DIY idea for windows 5

After drying the home adhesive we will have the window perfectly decorated with the lace fabric. If later, when it is, we have to remove the lace is an easy operation with a scourer and hot water.

Via: annabelvita.com

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