A little golden color for a "chic" touch

Gold, the color of gold, has represented wealth and power since the dawn of humanity. But in addition to being used to create ornamental objects has ended up being the reflection of sophistication and elegance. Although it is a color that is always there in recent times has been claimed by many artists and interior designers. We can therefore easily find many decorative examples in golden color and that in both accessories and furniture.

Golden Deco 3

As we will see next the Golden colour It is mainly used in decorative objects and accessories. It is a color that attracts a lot of attention and can eclipse the rest of the decoration if it is used in excess, except for exceptions that we will also see.

Golden Deco 1

The massive use of golden color can be a risky bet as we see in this kitchen, where it works perhaps because it is an unexpected place to find it decorated in this color. And for the pleasant tone used for the coating of the furniture and the rich contrast of the lamp.

Golden Deco 2

Golden Deco 4

Lamps and side tables are safe bets, they are attractive without being excessive and their use is more than contrasted. This is a classic way to introduce the golden color, suitable for those who do not want to risk too much in the use of this color.

Golden Deco 5

These tree trunks painted in golden color show us that it does not take much to introduce the color in a decoration. A spray of gold paint and we can transform any ordinary object into a colorful decorative object.

Golden Deco 6

Deco golden 7

The decoration in golden color admits all the budgets, we can introduce the color with very sophisticated and expensive objects but also with some simple pillowcases. Using the golden color in our house is possible because there is a huge offer of accessories, furniture and decorative objects in a wide range of prices.

Golden Deco 8

I hope that after what we have seen you dare to introduce a little gold in your home. It is worth it, since it will give a chic, elegant and sophisticated touch to your decoration.
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