A kitchen with personality and style

Although at first glance this kitchen may seem classic, the truth is that it is full of details that make it look with great personality. It belongs to the home of Kristy and Brian, a couple from Denver with 3 children, and their style is defined by the search for new expressions and a combination of quite surprising elements.

Kitchen idea 1

As we can see in this image, there is a fusion of styles obvious: from one more style rustic with the incorporation of a piece of furniture vintage , until more surfaces modern straight and elongated lines , much more contemporary. This mix of styles means that in the kitchen there are different spaces within one, something that enriches the decoration and makes it much more cozy and fresh.

Kitchen idea 2

The breakfast nook, for example, is dominated by a circular dark wood table surrounded by a blank bench. It is a very cozy corner where the family enjoys their breakfast daily.

Kitchen Idea 3

Kitchen Idea 4

The sidewalk is covered by an elongated seat in silver vinyl. The lighting is provided by a metal pendant lamp, and on the wall there are some mosaic drawings that give great strength to the whole.

Kitchen idea 5

The kitchen furniture is oak, spacious and individual. On the wall, underground tiles and open shelves to give a very dynamic feel to the entire space.

Kitchen idea 6

Idea kitchen 7

The American bar adds an extra space for informal meals or breakfast, with a more modern style.

Kitchen Idea 8

Every detail is well thought out, from the wall clock to the ceiling lights. Details that add up to the final result, making this kitchen a place with personality.

Kitchen idea 9

Detail of the dining table, with a more classic and rustic look:

Kitchen Idea 10

This decorative ornament contains colorful feathers inside. A decorative whim that the couple has allowed to give a more personal touch to their home.

Kitchen idea 11

Finally, this beautiful vintage furniture in a corner brings style and elegance:

Kitchen idea 12

Photos: hgtv.com

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