A Japanese-inspired apartment in Moscow

The owners of this apartment located in Moscow, Russia, lived for several years in Japan. From there they brought a taste for Japanese minimalism and its aesthetics as well as a passion for technology. In this apartment for four people there are various technological solutions such as the possibility of making the windows of the windows completely opaque.


It has a large open concept living room that shares space with the dining room and the kitchen. The light wood and neutral tones are the basis of this Japanese to Russian minimalism.


Most of the furniture was made to measure following the design of the architects who directed the reform.


The wallpaper of the living room and the rooms is handmade in Japan.


Neutral and clear colors are commonly used in the Japanese minimalist concept.


The apartment has a large balcony that surrounds its outer perimeter and is equipped with large windows from floor to ceiling that allow the entry of much natural light.


The lamps and wall lamps, like this one, are made of wood and have an original design.


Aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand in this apartment that may not dazzle but is very appealing to live quietly.


The kitchen is clear lines and conveys a feeling of cleanliness and pure functionality.


Good use is made of natural wood to complement the overall whiteness of the kitchen and provide a bit of warmth.


The white surfaces are glossy and reflect the ambient light very well.


The master bedroom is austere, bright and transmits great serenity.


Children's rooms have a similar design, just change the color. In this, blue predominates.


And in this they have opted for green. In both rooms there is good natural lighting thanks to the large windows.


The main bathroom is decorated with the same basic colors as the rest of the house.


The same happens in the bathroom of the little ones. On a smaller scale, the same pattern follows.

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