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Jo Nagasaka, the architect and designer who runs Schemata Architects is the architect of this furniture line that we present to you. This famous architect and designer is showing his designs in Europe during this month. Not long ago, from September 6 to 10, he was at the Maison & Object in Paris with this ColoRing collection, of which we show you some very significant photographs. And then it will continue at the London Design Festival where Estabished & Sons shows another line of tables by the Japanese author.

Minimalist design furniture 1

The design of this furniture is minimalist, straight lines and basic joints of the different pieces. Enriched with a curious, striking and peculiar painting system. This attractive decoration of the tables, chairs, benches, benches and shelves that make up this collection is based on a Japanese technique of woodworking called udukuri.

Design minimalist furniture 2

Design minimalist furniture 3

For Jo Nagasaka the udukuri is the base on which he then makes a painting in layers to equalize the surface of the wood again. The result as you can see is spectacular and shocking. Spectacular for the color and the laboriousness of the technique used and shocking for the contrast of a decoration so expensive and complex on such a simple design.

Design minimalist furniture 4

Design minimalist furniture 5

Said technique consists in a special sanding of the wood in which it is possible to reduce the level of the same following the contour of the vein, thus obtaining a surface with relief. The udukuri is a characteristic technique of the Japanese idiosyncrasy since it requires great effort and a great deal of patience. It is a delicate, expensive and laborious technique.

Design minimalist furniture 6

A consolidated creator with a very fruitful trajectory and who is producing very interesting realizations both in his architectural and design production, a creator to follow closely.

Photos: foliodigital.net

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