A house with wooden beams

Formerly, the roofs of the houses left the beams architectural, showing the interior skeleton of the house. This gave a really nice look to the interior, with exclusive wooden beams in different finishes, a true work of art. This trend returns with strength, bringing the best of rustic style , what we like so much

Country house 1

The wooden beams They take us to different landscapes, shelters in the countryside and old buildings. They have all the charm of the traditional and a unique beauty. They are perfect as a decorative complement, since they enhance the ceiling of the room and provide a lot of contrast and, therefore, a lot of life. They are also a good solution when the roof presents problems and irregularities.

We can find beams in any room of the house, also in less usual places such as the kitchen, the bedroom or the bathroom, with really surprising and fresh results. Thanks to this structural solution, the rooms have a new, more solid and favored appearance.

Country house 2

Country house 3

If you do not have natural beams, you can buy and install them without problem. Today they are sold in different chains and DIY surfaces individually or by assortments. We can find them in wood (more resistant and heavy) or wood imitation polyurethane (these are lighter, but less resistant), but if you want a house with real rustic charm, get the first ones.

Country house 4

Country house 5

You can find them in different classes: short wing or high wing (hollow), solid wood, laminated (composed of sheets) or shaped like a corbel and finished with finishing pieces (they have a finish on the base). Laminated wood beams, for example, better withstand heat and bends. The installation of these panels is really simple, but you will have to have good handling with the drill.

Country house 6

Country house 7

Photos: elmueble.com; thingsdedecoracion.es.

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