A house with pure white and great storage ideas

An apartment of only 94 square meters, with three rooms, becomes a large functional space where a family of three can develop their lives in comfort. The typical white color of the Nordic style covers the entire interior surface of the apartment, floors, ceilings and walls. This in a place so little luminous in some times of the year as Denmark allows the house to make the most of natural light.

House in white 1

The slate painting allowed the kitchen to be renovated without great expenditure and to create a surface so that the daughters of the owner can express themselves in such a familiar area as the kitchen.

House in white 2

The apartment has high ceilings that have been used in all rooms of the house to create storage areas in height, especially on the doors. The natural tones of the wood, some gray and black are responsible for giving a certain warmth to the snowy environment.

House in white 3

House in white 4

House in white 5

This storage in height and a sufficient complement of shelves allow that the area of ​​the ground is as clear as possible allowing the transit and the normal life of an adult and his two daughters. The small old milking stool serves to reach the shoes stored on the top shelf.

House in white 6

House in white 7

The furniture of the house is a combination of mid-20th century classics, some rustic elements and creations of contemporary designers such as the Tojo Möbel bed V designed by Roy Shepherd. It is a curious extensible bed that in 2002 won the International Design Award in Stuttgart.

Photos: emmas.blogg.se ; digsdigs.com

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