A house that turns into a weekend store

We all know weekend homes but this one we present is a very peculiar building, it is a house during the week and when the weekend arrives it is transformed into a collector's items store. Its owner has collected Scandinavian everyday objects for years and has now decided to share his hobby with this weekend store. The house has been reformed so that it adopts this double personality, house and shop. FIKA this shop is called, name that in Swedish means "coffee break" the coffee break in a meeting.

House and design store 1

This house is located in the quiet neighborhood of Shinjuku, Tokyo. The remodeling has been the work of ON Design Partners and his biggest effort was aimed at maximizing the scarce 33 square meters of plant that has the plot on which the house sits.

House and design store 2

The entrance to FIKA It occupies a prominent place right next to the large window-showcase. The private entrance to the house, much more discreet is at the other end of the house.

House and shop design 3

House and shop design 4

The structure on two floors of the house includes a high shelf that occupies the entire height of the house. In its lower part it acts as a showcase and in the upper part it fulfills functions of private organizational space.

House and design store 5

The thin line that separates the public from the private part is evident in that space formed by the large shelf that crosses the entire house and the public entrance to the store. As its owner says it is not so much about selling as about people coming into your store meeting with the objects that you have in your collection.

House and shop design 6

House and shop design 7

House and design store 8

House and design shop 9

The private space is reduced to the essential and is located on the second floor and a small loft under the roof. Very spartan or rather zen, it is pure oriental minimalism.

House and design store 10

The window-showcase illuminated by naked bulbs hanging from the high ceiling forms a polyvalent space and with a sense perhaps a little distant from our conception of things.

Photos: spoon-tamago.com

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