A house that is a getaway to paradise

An island in the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, in it is this holiday home. Bedarra Island Villa is called the set of houses that we can rent at any time of the year. Here the difference in temperature is only 7ºC between summer and winter. It has a private beach and all the amenities one could wish for. But the environment is perhaps the most spectacular.

A beach house 1

A fantastic destination to enjoy tranquility, privacy and exclusivity. This island is privately owned and is located in the Family Islands National Park off the coast of Queensland, Australia. The artist Noel Wood acquired the island in 1930 and one of these houses was his. After several vicissitudes, the island is now a privileged vacation destination.

A beach house 2

From the terrace you can enjoy the turquoise waters of this paradisiacal area of ​​Australia. The views are really impressive and enviable.

A beach house 3

The houses are decorated with care and meticulousness, prepared to receive their privileged guests with a modern design but with the logical tropical air.

A beach house 4

A beach house 5

The bedrooms have double beds where the lucky guests can rest from all the activities they can develop during the day. Kayaking, scuba diving, walks on the island, bathing in the sea, all those activities that tire the traveler so much.

A beach house 6

Some details speak of this care in the design that we talked about earlier, this bathtub arranged next to the hillside is a dream for anyone who loves nature.

A beach house 7

A topic, but what a beautiful topic, the hammock hanging between two tropical palms, the sea and the islands in the background. Well I will continue to dream a little with these so relaxing views and I hope you do the same.

Photos: desiretoinspire.net

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