A house that has 5 functions in the same space

This decorative project has been made by the architecture studio PKMN . This is formed by a small group of young Spanish architects who have already achieved several distinctions. On this occasion they faced the internal reform of a small house located north of Madrid, Spain. The solution is really ingenious and very to consider because it can serve to give us enough ideas.

Design house 1

The house is charming with that air of countryside so Spanish, it has a large patio and numerous windows that allow the house to be very bright.

Design house 2

The interior of the house has been split into two zones. One contains all the elements necessary to live and the other half is the living and dining area.

Design house 3

The OSB board is the material with which both the furniture that forms the different rooms of the house and the floor of the common area have been made. With its original color it allows the interior of the house to be luminous and at the same time warm.

Design house 4

At one end we have the kitchen and in the opposite the bathroom and between both fixed rooms three large sliding modules that function as a bedroom, dining room and living room. In front of these large modules there are also three shelves that increase the storage space.

Design house 5

Design house 6

The movable modules allow this half of the house to act in each moment in the function that the owner needs. This greatly facilitates the use of space.

Design house 7

The only fixed rooms are, due to their particular characteristics since they need some water and drainage connections, the kitchen and the bathroom.

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