A house on the shores of the lake

On the shores of a beautiful lake, near the Khao Yai National Park, in the heart of Thailand, stands this wonderful house, known as "The Lake House", perfectly integrated into the natural environment that surrounds it. A dream come true for its owners: live in the middle of nature, in an idyllic spot, away from the madding crowd.

House on the shores of the lake 1

The house has been designed by the architecture firm Openbox Company , located in Bangkok. From the inside, its residents have an unbeatable view of the lake through the huge glass window that runs through the room. On the outside, its wide gray walls show a very different face, in order to preserve the privacy of its inhabitants to the maximum.

House on the shores of Lake 2

House on the shores of Lake 3

The architecture of the home It is simple, with wide spaces, as befits a horizontal rather than vertical design. The wood of the furniture connects in turn with the environment and gives it a special charm, slightly rustic, although for the main core have been used more solid materials such as reinforced concrete, brick and plaster, addressing vital issues such as presence of termites. Likewise, the house has been raised with respect to the ground through a platform, due to the high humidity that always predominates in the forest areas.

House on the shores of Lake 4

House on the shores of Lake 5

House on the shores of Lake 6

House on the shores of Lake 7

And when the night comes, we find this beautiful picture. The large wooden porch becomes the perfect setting for all kinds of evenings, inspired by the beauty and peace of the environment. The projecting cantilever allows you to take shelter, especially in the intense rainy days of the monsoon, or in the lush rays of the sun, when the rainy season ends.

House on the shores of Lake 8

House on the shores of Lake 9

Photo: besthousedesign.com; archdaily.com.

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