A house on a boat

When we think of a home, a house, always the first thing we imagine is a nice neighborhood, maybe a floor in a building, but usually what comes to mind is what we usually associate with that word. We have seen in Guide to Decorate Eccentric houses and some with very different forms, but a house on a ship ever. Can you imagine a house on a boat ???

A House on a Boat

Well, in the London docks you can find this house to add to our list of unusual houses .
If we think of a ship we can imagine ourselves traveling in it, navigating the seas and traveling incredible places. Also, if we think about your decor , we do not expect to find anything extravagant since they are simple boats (leaving aside the luxury cruises that travel the world). But it is old ship has been transformed into a real "home" and with a lot of style by the way.
Without losing the spirit of being inside a boat, and preserving accessories and furniture typical of them, they have been restored along with other pieces acquired in flea markets and stores of antique objects to transform this boat into a home with a style " sailor ", to call it somehow, and make it fully cozy.
From his kitchen, to his bathroom with a very special tub. Passing through the rooms, the living room and a very special room where the chairs of the captain and his assistants are kept.

A house on a boat

A house on a boat 1

A house on a boat 2

A house on a ship 3

A house on a boat 4

A house on a boat 5

A house on a boat 6

A house on a boat 7

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