A house in white and silver gray

The combination of two neutral colors like the White and the grey silver It gives rise to very noble and distinguished spaces. These rooms have been decorated taking both colors as main. Both blend in a very elegant blend that projects light and creates the cleanest and most versatile environments. The metallic furniture of this living room stands out above the brushstrokes of white, with a touch of black like that of the sofa that revalues ​​even more the sensation of sophisticated space.

White and gray color 1

In the decoration of a modernist hall you can not miss the silver gray. Metallic ornaments on a white table of avant-garde cutting show exquisiteness and new trends.

White and gray color 2

In the kitchen, white projects light, while the gray range serves as a contrast, especially in floors and walls. To avoid that apparent coldness, a very good option is to add brushstrokes of other chromatic tones in the crockery and accessories. Blue and violet are a good combination.

White and gray 3

Sophisticated bedroom, with romantic airs and an open and comfortable space. Again, the use of other colors in small doses relieves coldness or seriousness, creating a much richer nuance.

White and gray color 4

In the bathroom, gray accessories are added to the main base in white and the result is this clear, clean and modern space. An ideal combination for both romantic spirits and those who are big fans of the latest trends in interior design.

White and gray color 5

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