A house in the woods

The Argentine firm BAK architects , once again retired to the idyllic forests of Mar Azul, a summer resort on the coast of the Argentine Sea. This architectural studio has made several summer houses in this area, all characterized by the use of exposed concrete and large glazed areas that become a discrete presence within the natural space.

Beach house in the forest 1

Beach house in the woods 2

The Franz house continues with the idea already developed in other houses designed by this architectural studio to "domesticate" the forest, the house accommodates the topography and the trees not the other way around. Reinforced concrete acquires visual lightness when the long rows of crystals break their chromatic monotony. At the request of the owners, a large part of the space has been devoted to common areas for the family life of a married couple with older children.

Beach house in the woods 3

Beach house in the woods 4

Beach house in the woods 5

The integration of the trees in the house confers a very peculiar aspect to this one. Logs crossing the large reinforced concrete slab. The layout of the house adapts to the great unevenness of the land and the large glazed windows introduce the landscape into the interior decoration of the house, it becomes an element of the house itself.

Beach house in the woods 6

Beach house in the woods 7

Beach house in the woods 8

Beach house in the woods 9

The feeling of respect for the environment gives this house a special spirit, but at the same time thanks to that use of concrete it differs from the landscape, it is perceived to be the work of man. Nature and humanity integrated but each one maintaining its own condition. It can be civilized even without destroying the environment. One can be cosmopolitan without destroying those millenary forests as old as humanity, or more.

Beach house in the woods 10

Beach house in the woods 11

Beach house in the woods 12

Beach house in the woods 13

Photos: designboom.com

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