A house in the middle of nature of Seattle

More and more architects decide to locate their projects in areas close to nature, coming to merge housing with this environment to create more sustainable and environmentally friendly homes thanks to the use of natural resources. This is the case of this house built in an exotic vegetation area of ​​Seattle, in the state of Washington (USA).

Minimalist and natural housing 1

It is a semi-hidden house between the abundant trees, with a facade that resembles, by its characteristic shape, an ancient fortress. It is a beautiful house of various heights with the appearance of a modern cabin inside.

Minimalist and natural housing 2

Minimalist and natural housing 3

Inside we can find very high ceilings, spaciousness of space, large windows (that is, a lot of natural light) and a furniture fundamentally made of wood with all luxury.

Minimalist and natural housing 5

The decoration has a classic and minimalist tone, with very prominent and organized environments, and with smooth surfaces of wood or granite. It has also given importance to the nature touches in the interior, through plants and other details. The most absolute luxury is found on the upper floors, especially in the great jacuzzi area with incredible views of the forests of Seattle.

Minimalist and natural housing 6

Also the bedroom area is a prominent place in this house where you can enjoy all the calm of life together with nature. A house that invites relaxation and life in harmony.

Minimalist and natural housing 4

Minimalist and natural housing 1

Photos: trendir.com

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