A house in the African savannah

The savannah is the typical ecosystem of Africa, typical of dry tropical climates. This is where this wooden house is located, hidden among trees, built in wood and located very close to a lake. A special place where calm and tranquility abound. A magical place to build this house wonder, far from civilization.

African style house 2

The floors are made of wood and the hemp roof, like the classic cabins of forests and jungles, and the house is completely open to this environment of wild nature. Upon arrival we find an impressive terrace where comfortable chairs, tables and other seats designed for enjoyment are located in this hidden little paradise.

African style house 1

It is striking that the main room is located in this place, almost outdoors, although protected by glass and a mosquito net to avoid the terrible bites of the mosquitoes that abound in this climate. But, on second thought, there is nothing better than spending the night under the stars in a unique refuge like this one.

African style house 3

African style house 4

In the interior there is no lack of luxury: designer furniture, cream, white and beige colors (very much in tune with the environment) and handmade decoration made with great care and expertise. The house blends with nature, it seems like another branch of the same, and fascinates with its delicate interior in soft tones, as well as the impressive views that can be seen from the living room, the dining room or the bathroom, from the same bath. Imagine for a moment what it will be like to take a bath there while contemplating a sunset in the middle of the savannah. That is something that can only be experienced in this incredible home, an architectural marvel in a unique geography.

African style house 5

Photos: centroarchitecture.com

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