A house in Reykjavik

In the middle of the white plain there is hardly a glimpse of this house that blends into the surroundings, although in reality it seems to be minimized. The empty space around it is so big that the house diffuses into the ground. The design of this curious and original house was commissioned to the Polish architects of the architecture studio Moomoo .

Shocking house 1

The house, a rectangle of pure lines, appears in the middle of the whiteness as if it were the periscope of a submarine sailing through the frozen Arctic sea.

Shocking house 2

Shocking house 3

Shocking house 4

The house of a terrifying purity of lines fits perfectly with the straight lines of the landscape. The walls of the house are made with glass and the contrast inside / outside is almost nullified.

Shocking house 5

Shocking house 6

Shocking house 7

The interior of the house is also laid out with straight lines. The birch wood used to cover the floor and some section of wall brings a slight touch of color and warmth to the interior of the house. There is a beautiful set of volumes in the space of the lower floor, large partitions separate the different areas, dining room and living room. The view from anywhere in the house is lost in the infinity that surrounds it. The windows can be run in summer and the whole house become a large terrace , where the inside and the outside break their meaning.

Shocking house 8

Shocking house 9

Shocking house 10

The house designed by the architects of Moomoo it is pure poetry, a white block floating on a white sea and above, in the sky, the white clouds dramatically cover the scene. The poetic feeling is not an obstacle to realize that this house is that of a strong, very strong people, capable of living in this white immensity.

Photos: morfae.com

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