A house in Belgravia

In the exclusive neighborhood of central London, Belgravia, is this house with its traditional brick facade. It has been the work of an interesting renewal in its distribution and interior decoration from one of the most important and prestigious companies in London, Finchatton. They have turned it into a modern residence with four rooms and four bathrooms.

Renovation of a house 1

The result is a house with a delicate elegance, mundane, sophisticated and timeless. This typical Belgravia house combines the best aspects of the architecture of the time with the highest contemporary standards.

Renovation of a house 2

Finchatton has achieved that natural light penetrates from the ceiling to the lower floor, thanks to a set of skylights, a floating staircase, Mirrors double height strategically placed and subtle details of chrome.

Renovation of a house 3

The color palette evolves from black and white and is based on textures and natural materials. Smoked oak floors, walnut carpentry and wrought iron balustrades contrast with Carrara marble floors, wool carpets, limestone chimneys and paving stones. A complete compendium of luxurious materials for this exceptional luxury home.

Renovation of a house 4

Finchatton has increased the available space of the house by excavating a basement where a Creston movie theater has been set up with a 90-inch screen and Dolby Digital surround sound.

Renovation of a house 5

Renovation of a house 6

On the ground floor are the kitchen, the dining room and ample space for family life. A service bedroom is at the front with separate entrance.

Renovation of a house 7

The first whole floor is dedicated to the main room, with dressing room and private bathroom. Two bedrooms and bathrooms are on the top floor.

Renovation of a house 8

Renovation of a house 9

The house has been equipped with the latest security technology, a complete audiovisual control system, motion sensors, alarms and other accessories.

Photos: propgoluxury.com

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