A house designed for children

This house will leave you speechless. Entirely thought of in the children and for your fun.

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Each corner keeps them some fun. It is design of those that conquer at first sight and without a doubt in only an instant can conquer the smallest.
Slide House is a home of three levels, all intercommunicated by a system of slides and special stairs for children.
They can move from one level to another playing and can even climb the same slides. These made in a material that in addition to sliding allows them to climb. The entire route has rails to support yourself and with various stops in other corners of the house.
It has a player in the middle of the room, with access to the outside and with a natural light that allows them to play all the hours of daylight.
But the fun does not end there. There is a bookstore just for them, which is reached by the system of slides, where they can study and play. It has furniture specially designed for the little ones, with wheels ... so they can keep playing even when they do their homework.
The system of slides and stairs It also ends in a corridor style corner just for reading. A library that occupies the entire wall jealously guards all the favorite books of the little ones and awaits them to enjoy a moment of reading.
Within all this fun system that have small, can go to the living room to enjoy a movie directly in the room and even take a pass through the bathroom.
Without a doubt it is a design fully thought of as fun but also for the safety of the little ones.

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