A hotel in London

This historic building dates from 1910 and then underwent a major expansion in 1937, housing the former Bethnal Green Town Hall in London's burgeoning East End. A large hotel chain in Singapore decided to transform it into a luxury hotel endowed with an architecture that is less striking.

London hotel special decoration 1

The original construction has been respected and the interiors have been adapted to modern use with distribution and separation elements based mainly on glass. The exterior of the building is original and curious, part of the building has been covered with aluminum plates cut with laser. The effect achieved is worth seeing.

London hotel with special decoration 2

The visual impact offered by the Town Hall Hotel It is extraordinary, the original facade of Edwardian style contrasts with the side covered with perforated aluminum plates. Old and modern, further enlivened by the ultramodern coating that produces a strange sensation of distortion and movement.

London hotel special decoration 3

London hotel with special decoration 4

The interior of the hotel has scrupulously respected the ancient construction, the modern elements dedicated to the comfort of the guests are as temporary additions. Which confers a special charm to the hotel, that contrast between the old as definitive and the modern as transitory is of great visual impact and transmits a very interesting, very thoughtful philosophy of life.

London hotel special decoration 5

London hotel with special decoration 6

The spacious rooms with parquet floors are beautiful, the clash of modern furniture and the classic continent is wonderful.

London hotel special decoration 7

London hotel special decoration 8

Is a luxury hotel , but a hotel made to live. The comfort of the traveler in their suites is optimal, has everything you need, as if a small apartment in the heart of the East End. The pool, a space where you can get rid of the stress and stress of the busy life of the traveler, is decorated with marble and aluminum plates cut with laser.

London hotel special decoration 9

London hotel with special decoration 10

The exterior covering produces a sensation of movement or blurring of the forms that give the hotel a very original personality. This peculiar coating is really curious and quite disturbing.

Photos: yatzer.com

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