A home office in green pistachio

One of the reasons to decorate or paint the Workplace Green is for the benefits that this color tone brings to the environment. The green is the most present color in nature, relaxes and enhances mental tranquility, something very necessary before getting down to work. It is a color that favors concentration and, therefore, also creativity. The office painted in this color, especially in the "pistacho" range, is relaxing and harmonious.

Pistachio green for a home office01

Combined with white color, pistachio green works very well. Create a balanced environment, the most appropriate for the home office. And it is extremely important to create a pleasant working environment at home, because that is where the greatest distractions can be found. This is why it is necessary to facilitate concentration, in order to favor performance in turn.

Pistachio green for a home office02

White illuminates and harmonizes, while green balances and supposes a very interesting chromatic counterpoint. With a few strokes of this color you can create authentic relaxing and natural work places.

Pistachio green for a home office03

Nor is it necessary for the walls to be painted in this tone; it can be the work table itself, for example. An important detail, since this will be the focus of constant visual attention (top image). In the lower image we find the opposite option: the table is white, but the green chair. The presence of plants enlivens the environment and oxygenates the environment.

Pistachio green for a home office04

Do not forget that in these domestic work centers the decoration has to be as simple as possible. Try not to overload the work table and, if the tone of the wall ends up being too strident, help the white to neutralize it with a new coat of paint on top.

Pistachio green for a home office05

Photos: interiordecoratinghome; homeoffice.com; interiorgallerydesign.com

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