A holiday house in Mykonos

When the northern hemisphere approaches winter, less than a month away, images like the ones we show you from a holiday House On the Greek island of Mykonos, it's like taking a look at paradise. In this wonderful house anyone can feel the king of the world. The views of the sea are simply wonderful and the house is a charm.

Greek style holiday house 1

The house with its rustic and retro look is full of details with grace and unparalleled style. Surely there are many elements that catch our attention. Like lamps of marine origin.

Greek style holiday house 2

Greek style holiday house 3

The rooms with divan beds with a wooden structure that lifts them from the floor and leaves storage space at the bottom are very curious.

Greek style holiday house 4

The living room with fireplace and a large sofa next to it. In the dining area another large white sofa in L complements the chairs. White and stone combine perfectly to create a rustic and relaxed atmosphere.

Greek style holiday house 5

Greek style holiday house 6

The large terrace on the sea has a nice pool and various areas to make life outside and enjoy the sun and good weather in Greece. The views from the terrace are impressive, the blue sea and infinity will help residents get what they were looking for in the south when they came fleeing from the darkness and cold of the north. Peace, tranquility and that feeling in the soul that only the sun, the sea and the history that permeates this island and its inhabitants know how to transmit.

Greek style holiday house 7

Greek style holiday house 8

Greek style holiday house 9

A place, Mykonos, to be able to enjoy the beauty that only the gods of Olympus knew how to enjoy. A place to try to find the tranquility of spirit that the busy Westerners do not know when or where they lost it.

Photos: houseofturquoise.com

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