A greenhouse converted into a studio

An old greenhouse It may be the best space to build a small study in times where the imagination becomes our main weapon against the scarcity of resources. This one in particular is in Sweden and it is a metal construction located in a beautiful garden next to the main house.

From greenhouse to house 1

Its owner, Agneta Enzell, is also the Alma mater of this greenhouse transformation project in study and relaxation area. It is a place with kitchen, dining room and living room, in which a small greenhouse area has also been conserved to raise plants and vegetables in different supports.

From greenhouse to house 2

The space is brilliantly used both inside and outside. And also outside you can enjoy both a meal or dinner as a nap in the hammock, enjoying all the fresh air and the beauty of the garden.

From greenhouse to house 3

The style chosen to decorate the studio, as it could not be other, is true to the autochthonous Scandinavian. Decorative minimalism with some vintage, pieces of flexible materials and many accessories in black, which offers a very appropriate contrast to create a very cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

From greenhouse to house 4

Everything is built and renovated with love, and it shows in this project so personal and so enjoyable, great for leisure time and to continue with the cultivation of exquisite vegetables.

From greenhouse to house 5

Photos: emmas.blogg.se

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